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Jonathan Carr Cooking

Poached Salmon

About Chef Jonathan Carr

Jonathan A.Carr of Scarborough provides a personal chef service called Man With a Pan®.  Chef Carr, in a sophisticated variation of a caterer, will come into your kitchen to cook and serve - and clean up - a gourmet meal for up to 20 people.

Additionally, he offers in-home cooking demonstrations and lessons, as well as gift certificates for his services.  His business is aimed at anyone who wants a special-event dinner, busy families with little time to cook and people who are hosting any kind of small party.

Chef Carr is a Maine native, and uses seasonal Maine products in his menus.  Summer meals, for example, might feature native tomatoes, corn, peppers and zucchini.  His repertoire is adaptable to meet any dietary need.

Chef Carr differs from a caterer because he customizes his menus based on client consultations, prepares the food in the client's kitchen, and limits the size of his jobs to maintain personal attention for each client's event.

A computer programmer by training, Chef Carr decided to leave his job to pursue his dream of working as a chef.  He has honed his skills through cooking classes locally, regionally and in Provence, France.

Chef's Statement

I cook for the enjoyment that it gives me and to see the look of satisfaction on the person who is eating my creations.  Cooking is a creative outlet for me, I use the freshest and best ingredients so that my clients will enjoy the visual, taste, and texture aspects of the meal that I prepare.

Cooking allows me to express my creativity by trying different combinations of foods.  I like to see the reaction of the person eating my creation when they first put it their mouth.  I like the feeling of knowing that something that I have created can make people feel good, and I know that I have done my job when they go back for more.

I want people who taste my food to have an experience that they will never forget, that what they have tasted is like nothing they have ever had before.  I cooked for one client and knew that I had hit the mark when they told me that what they were eating was 'heaven on earth'.  That's what I am looking for when I cook.